One-on-one Coaching for Writers

Write emotionally potent stories that cultivate an immediate connection between you and your readers.

Veteran story coach/author/television writer, Katiedid Langrock, takes a hands on approach to guiding writers through the story writing experience. If you are looking simply for notes or a story corrector, this is not for you. We follow the same belief of Robert Frost, that the reader cannot experience true emotion, if you, the writer, do not experience it in the writing process. These sessions are for the authentic storytellers. Katiedid takes great effort and pride in teaching writers, explaining options and impacts and allowing the writer to steer his or her story. The techniques writers learn in the process of these story coaching sessions can be applied to every story there after.


Idea to Delivery

We meet 12 times. Lessons, techniques, industry standards, emotional access channels will be taught throughout so you understand the purpose and impact behind the coaching. I read your work prior to each 75-minute coaching session to track progress, but we move through the journey together. Note: the story is always yours to steer.

Coaching One-Offs

You get everything offered above, but rather than pay for the full service, you schedule sessions as you need them. I read your work prior to a 75-minute coaching session.

Second Pass Notes

If you are well past your first draft, you may just be looking for fresh eyes and notes. Our notes service is far more in-depth than any other. You will get on-the-page notes followed by a 75-minute session in which we discuss the notes in full and provide, techniques, applications, inspirations and ideas on how to fix problem areas.

Second/Fourth Pass Notes

A package in which you get everything stated above and then after you go home and implement your notes, we read the story a second time and give you thorough notes again, this time with an emphasis on how to get your story sold.